Corporate Videos Work


Video is an effective brand communication tool that customers can engage with.

Video also adds towards your search result maximisation.

Advantages of Corporate Video Production

Video provides that instant, combined visual and audio introduction that puts a human face to an organisation. This will allow prospective clients to get to know you more easily and will help to promote trust.

It is a relatively inexpensive media with a range of uses and delivery options. For example, it is much easier to watch a product demonstration than read the instructions.

Not all video communication has to point at customers, your employees and other stakeholders will also benefit from a more personalised approach.

  • Increase in Time Spent on Website 100% 100%
  • Consumers Gaining Increased Confidence 52% 52%

Product Demonstration

A good sales video, a product demonstration or a “How to” video could be the final stage in the buying cycle, putting you just one click/ call away from an order.

Corporate Video

Introduce “the brand” to both the public and other stakeholders alike. Use a sales video to put a face to your organisation and increase trust and engagement.

Case Study/Testimonial

Let your customers do a testimonial for you, or showcase your product working “in situ” as a video case study for the benefit of other potential customers.

Live Event Videos

Video event highlights are a good way of extending the feel good factor of, often expensive, events and are also useful for sharing with non – attendees.

Watch Our Corporate Video Production Portfolio and See Case Studies

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Use Videos to Promote Your Business

Series of promotional videos to promote Yoga Teacher Training School. Video Case Study.

Corporate Video to Relay Your Ethos

Corporate video to share core values to customers and to aid employee recruitment drive. Video Case Study.

Live Event and Interview Promo Film

Live educational music events with talking head interview inserts. Video Case Study.

Use Fun Videos to Promote Your Business

Watch how one company added a layer of fun to a serious business to get their message across. Video Case Study.

Video In The Mix

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Because Quest is experienced in ‘joined up’ marketing we will advise you on how to make the best use of video. Knowing what you want to achieve from a video in the marketing mix is the start point.


Video Production

We will establish how to target your video, we will then storyboard, script and complete the video production as required, as well as advise on the best delivery platforms:- website, social media, DVD, email, etc.


Social Media Engagement

The versatility of video in terms of the message areas they can cover, and the tone in how they can be presented gives scope for good social media engagement across a number of platforms.

Improved Search Results

YouTube is, effectively the second biggest search engine in the world. As it is owned by Google, it is no surprise video results appear high in a Google search. Take advantage of this for your business.

Tips for your Business Video Useage.


  • Register your name (or something descriptive) as a YouTube channel now, ready for use when you are.
  • Make your website responsive so your videos will play on mobiles and pads as well as desktop PCs.
  • Think about your audience and getting the message right before filming.
  • Maximise filming. Use footage from one shoot and edit to produce multiple videos.
  • Do not upload in one hit – spread out over a planned period.
  • Use your email, sales messages and social media to announce/include new content.



The pre-shoot discussion and planning was a real eye opener as to what we could really acheive from the video. Gordon made sure we made full use of the video opportunity for sales and marketing.

Ian Cheetham

Managing Director, Allcock and Ball Ltd

Types of Business Web Video

Corporate Video

A personalised video introduction to you, your business/brand and products or services. Good for websites, in the reception area and at exhibitions.

Your Team Video

Your sales or customer service team introducing themselves, allowing customers to see the human face of your business or organisation.


Product Demonstration

Product demos and “How to” videos score well in Google results and help people judge your products suitability and increase understanding.


Customer Testimonial

A video review of your product or service straight from the “horse’s mouth” – your customers/clients to give new customers increased confidence.


Case Study Video

Show your product ‘in situ’ and explain the process involved in meeting and satisfying your customers needs.

Event Video Production

Share footage from a corporate event, seminar or exhibition for increased event life and engagement of non-attendees.

Training Videos

Create training videos for both internal (staff) and external (customers) training.

Video Blog

Push out your company news and updates via video. An immediate and easy to digest way to communicate with both staff and customers.


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