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People engage with people, and there are opportunities in social media to achieve this if you approach it in the right manner.

Your Digital Space Strategy

Your Digital Space is in every area of your organisation, both customer-facing and back-office systems, functions and processes, up and down the supply chain, that can and should benefit from the adoption of digital innovation and capabilities.

These include, but are not limited to, forward facing elements of digital marketing, such as your web presence and it’s usage, back through your Customer Relation Management (CRM) and methods of Customer Contact, and even further back into the core foundations of your office processes, where you can extract just as much value, if not more, from investing in back-office functions that drive operational efficiencies. A digital space transformation is more than just finding new revenue streams; it’s also about creating value by reducing the costs of doing business.

However if are looking for a Digital Strategy that just encompasses your online marketing activity we can provide that too…


Social Media for Business

Choosing and using social media…
People engage with, and buy from, people. In an interactive, social media driven world the customer has more power than ever. If you want potential customers to engage with your brand you need to open up a human channel of communication. You need to ensure the voice of your organisation is clear and in the tone expected.

Social Media allows this. We can create customer contact experiences across your social media. The start point is the same as in all marketing – understanding who your potential customers are, what motivates them, and which media platforms they engage with. We can then create campaigns across social and direct emails designed to both engage and inspire.

We can also help find the business units within your organisation that should be using social media, set up the relevant social media and find and mentor suitable communicators from within your business.

Good use of social media, including You Tube, can also improve Google search results.

You will probably have someone in your business ready and able to take your business social media forward. Get Quest Marketing Ltd involved with your social media set up and in giving those people the confidence to help you grow your business.

People engage with people and there is a world of social media opportunities to do so:-

Targeted Social Media Advertising

Choosing and using social media adverts…
Social media platforms offer some very strong and very specific opportunities to target an audience. For example, Facebook offer a ‘boost’ post or an Adverts option, both of which can be targeted to quite a deep level of sophistication and return measurable results.

Twitter also offer similar packages.

Talk to Quest about using social media organically and with paid for options.

Will Social Media work for your business? Having a well-managed social media presence has become a must for businesses seeking results from the digital marketplace. People engage with people, and there are opportunities in social media to achieve this – when approached in the right manner.

Gordon Birchall

Marketing Consultant, Quest Marketing Ltd

Some Types of Social Media & Engagement Opportunities


Start a business page – use for engagement, news and offers.


Become a problem solver – do not over use.


Use both business and personal accounts.


Your business TV channel plus added search opportunities.


Blogging & E-shots – more opportunities to communicate directly with customers.


Sound or video – another opportunity to put a human voice in front of customers.


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