Banyan Tree School of Yoga

The Challenge

Banyan Tree School of Yoga run a 200 hour course for people wishing to become qualified as Yoga Instructors. They needed a medium that could portray the professionalism of the teachers, the range of the course and convey the atmosphere that is created in the school in a way that print or photography alone could not achieve.

The Solution

Using video we were able to capture both the expertise of the teachers and the mood of the classes. In addition, thanks to the co-operation of the class, Baynan Tree were able to demonstrate the camaraderie and fun involved on the course. As well as a full length video for DVD mail-shots we were able to supply shorter videos for social media campaign usage.

The Videos

Introduction To Baynan Tree

Course Content

Meet The Teachers


Creative, Professional, Approachable

Banyan Tree School of Yoga

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