Fun Marketing Videos Case Study

Trying Something Different – Video Case Study

A look at the brief and the objectives behind the creation of some fun videos for a packaging machinery company.

The Marketing Needs…


This engineering company needed a re-brand and video was an agreed part of this. However, it was agreed that amongst the more formal video representation the company we should try and have some fun…

The Marketing Objective

To add an element of fun amongst the serious business of providing the best UK designed and built packaging machinery. To produce a video that would be at home in a social media environment and prompt shares.

The Video Brief

To produce a video that would sit alongside the more serious overview of each of the actual machines. One built to bag carrots, the other to add Jellybeans to a container.

The Video Production

The video was created to be fun, short and tell the story from the products view point!

Follow Up

The video was drip – shared against various social media platforms

Imaginative, Fun, Effective

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