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Developing A Marketing Strategy

“We are a small to medium business and we’re doing alright – why do we need a marketing strategy?”

Sometimes you need to re-evaluate your position. Is the marketplace changing? Are your business opportunities the same now as when you started business? Are your marketing activities working to the same levels?

A fresh look at your marketing strategy, in conjunction with an experienced marketeer could help develop your business. Knowing exactly who your primary customers are and how they wish to be communicated to, who and how your competitors go about business, and what can help you stand out above the competition are basic but can help you re-focus your business for the next stage.

Also, by answering these questions (and a few others) and creating a tangible marketing plan for the next quarter/year you are also on the road to creating your brand strategy.

Quest approach marketing holistically to create a joined up marketing approach, rather than in silos of digital/advertising/SEO etc.

Our strength as always been about taking SME companies with expertise in their own products and services and helping them to navigate their route to market, close sales and develop as a brand.

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