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Where is your business now? Where do you want it to be? How will it get there?
With a 16 year track record in helping businesses of all sizes across all sectors identify both growth barriers and growth opportunities, Quest Marketing Ltd can develop a focused growth strategy that will encompass sales, marketing and operational needs to drive your business performance forward. Develop your vision with our assistance. Start now.

Our approach... to work with or as your marketing department. We will consult with you to understand your offerings and your target customer and then develop a strategy for growth. As well as marketing this may include additional training or closer integration of your sales team and front line customer service people or the systems they use.

You can utilise us on a short term project basis or as your long term marketing and fulfilment department, but without the associated cost of overhead.

Shared best practice.

Coming Soon: Read the new Quest Marketing blog for real time, real world tips, insights and recommendations for using various aspects of marketing to benefit you and your customer.

The blog will focus on individual examples fo best practice, case studies and success stories and determine how they can relate to helping other, similar UK businesses grow.

Remember, you are not alone - many businesses require cost effective marketing that works.

A Selection of Marketing Services Offered

Marketing Advice, from vision through to marketing plan, with design and content across all media, delivered to market in a customer engaging manner.

Web and 'e' Delivery:- production of SEO friendly, mobile reponsive websites, Social Media, Blogs, Phone & Tablet Apps, Podcasts and Interactive PDFs.

Photography and Video. Business video production for use as web case studies, product demonstrations and training. All commercial photography.

PR and Content, written to engage with customers, for use in press & public relations, all online media content, customer contact and sales literature.

Marketing Now!

Today's potential communications mix is wide and varied and needs to work as both standalone and "joined up" marketing. An 'on-the-page' advert needs to direct to a relevant website landing page. Your website should link to your business LinkedIn, Facebook or You Tube presence where appropriate and so on.

The first decision to negotiate is:- which of the many available mediums will suit and benefit my business? Naturally, the biggest driver will be "do my customers and potential customers look here?" Then, do they prefer text and graphic information or do they want to watch video content?

You don't need to make these decisions alone!

After we have evaluated the message your target customers require to generate response, Quest will create content to suit - text, infographics, video, etc - across all agreed beneficial media types.

Move to the next level today, contact Quest Marketing Ltd via a simple online request here.

  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Developing long-term marketing strategy & communications mix planning.
  • Graphic Design
  • For company literature, adverts, infographics, exhibitions, etc.
  • Design for Online
  • Websites, apps, e-shots, interactive PDFs.
  • Web Design/S.E.O.
  • Refreshed content for engagement & Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Social Media & Blogs
  • Set up and management or DIY social media training.
  • Adwords
  • Effective "long tail" campaign management and DIY training.
  • Web Video Production
  • Promotional videos, product demonstration, customer case studies, etc.
  • Commercial Photography
  • People and product shots for print & web.
  • PR
  • Public Relations & Press Releases.
  • Training
  • Sales Training/Mentoring, Customer Service Training plus DIY social media training.


Quest Marketing Ltd - a re-cap.

To re-cap - Quest Marketing Ltd is able to advise and assist with all aspects of your marketing. First, we investigate how your business works and how you want it to work. We discover the unique selling points of your products or services and marry them to your potential customers' requirements. We then create sales messages and other communication in the tone that your potential customer will respond best to, and deliver using the most appropriate methods.

As well as developing your marketing strategy, Quest is able to create most marketing material in-house. Print and advertising design, exhibition material/stand design, web design, customer contact through social media, podcasts and blogs, search engine optimisation, e-shots, Adwords and social media set-up, photography and business web video production for product demonstrations/training and customer testimonials/case studies - are all covered.

As a tight professional team, Quest Marketing Ltd offers the power of an advertising agency without the associated costs. Keep us in mind - or take the first step to business growth and get in touch.