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We can develop an integrated brand development, sales and marketing strategy for your businesses growth, or create individual marketing experiences to engage your customers from our full service menu below.

We know how to communicate.

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Joined Up Marketing

We can provide a marketing approach that integrates with your sales activities. We are happy to plan and take care of all your marketing activities, but there is no point in (spending money) generating fresh enquiries if they do not transfer into sales. Your sales process and systems are important, as is the way you sell, and we will work with you to ensure they integrate.

This is where our experience comes into it’s own – for your benefit.

Every organisation, small or large has the ability to develop a brand. Every business should have a sense of brand, routed in your companies values, that can then be delivered to their customers. If your business is going to grow long term your company name and ethos needs to stand for something, wherever and however you do business, whether locally or globally.

Make sure your business name counts for something.

We can start your marketing from the floor up, if required, ensuring all customer facing marketing is on message and branded to attract. By helping you (over) deliver the customers’ expectations through good follow up systems, processes and well trained people will lead to better customer service, which leads to retained customers.

We make you effective first, then we make you look good.

What We Offer – Service Menu


Sales & Marketing Strategy

We develop a brand strategy towards business growth with you, whether this involves marketing communications needs, improved sales processes or something more that is required from within your business, we have the experience to identify and report what is required, and recommend accordingly.

Responsive Web Design

It is the content management of your website that will drive it forward. Keeping the site information up to date and of interest to potential customers by addressing the needs they have in the style they want, across all media platforms, in an easy to follow flow with strong calls to action.

Social Media Management

Will Social Media work for your business?

A well-timed and relevant social media presence and campaigns are a must for businesses seeking results from the digital marketplace. People engage with people, and there are opportunities in social media to achieve this – when approached in the right manner.


Business Video Production

Most organisations have their own TV Channel – their website. This provides a huge opportunity for you to talk to, and engage with, your customers and potential customers. YouTube is, after all, effectively, the second biggest search engine in the world. All you need now is a marketing aware video production partnerHi.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design drives advertising and attracts us to brands. Graphic Design is the visual representation that gives potential customers a subliminal mental positioning of the brand of your company. Delivering consistency to your audience through graphic design is key to good branding.


Are strong search engine results essential for your businesses enquiries?
Then you need to get SEO right rather than get it now, or look at how a managed Adwords and other ‘pay per click’ strategies may work to increase enquiries for your business.


PR/Content Management

Concisely written and targeted press releases draw media attention to newsworthy events, such as new products or services, landmark business achievements and interesting personnel stories. Combine with good photography and you have press releases and good web content in one.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is often the first thing a prospective client sees of your organisation, as images within your website or literature. Your photography should present the right image and reflect your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web site is a great starting point to get a feel for any company or a product.

However it cannot fully convey the benefits of the years of experience, nor the passion behind what goes into our contribution to ensuring your company moves forward positively.

Within Quest you have access to years of sales, marketing and business experience in helping businesses to grow plus the input of an branding/advertising agency, but not at the expected cost of an agency.

If you have any need to grow your business but are worried about the cost and finding the right partner, get in touch and at least sit down and discuss it. This costs nothing and may be a big step in the right direction.

Leave a message on 01629 815341 or fill in the enquiry form below.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We have a proven 18 year track record across many different sectors and are comfortable in business to business or business to consumer environments. So, any business that wants to grow, has expertise in their own field and needs sales and marketing input, but is not quite ready for the expense of a full time marketing department or a large advertising agency is our type of customer. We will approach your growth strategy with a ‘substance’ first philosophy.

Where do you operate?

We do not have a restriction geographically, but, as we are based in Bakewell, Derbyshire, a cost effective area is within a 100 mile radius.

Do you work onsite?

We work within our clients on occasion, where it benefits both parties in familiarising with products/services or, for example when training people or meeting client’s own suppliers, customers, publishers, etc. We also conduct case studies at the customers of our customers.


Born In Bakewell. 1999.

For Sales and Marketing Consultancy plus Brand Development that Leads To Business Growth

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